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Used Pedal & Rack Instrument Effects

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal! Produces everything from mild, natural chorusing to the penetrating stereo chorus popular in contemporary music! Controls include Effects Level, Chirus Rate, Modulation Depth, High and Low Effect EQ! $75.00

BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay guitar effects pedal w/up to 6.4 seconds of delay time, 40 seconds of "sound on sound", Modulation Delay for chorus flavored sounds. Analog Delay offers a modeled simulation of the classic BOSS DM-2. $109.99

Boss VB-2 Vibrato Pedal w/Rate, Depth, Rise Time (How long the Vibrato Takes to Ramp Up to the Maximum Depth) and Latch or Unlatch (Only Effects while Pedal is Depressed!) Modes. $399.99

BYOC Phase Royal Phaser Peaal. The classic MXR Phase 90 circuit with added depth, resonance and wet/dry mix controls. Also features classic four stage phasing and an added six-stage option selectable by a mini switch. $79.99

CUSACK TAP-A-DELAY DIGITAL DELAY PEDAL. 750mS delay that mixes the original analog signal with the delayed signal. ncludes level, mix, feedback, delay and modulation controls, tap speed and bypass stomp switches; mode and divide switches; plus much more! $149.99

DanElectro DE-1 Echo Pedal! With Repeat Rate, Echo Depth, Hi-Cut Filter and Mix Controls! $49.99

DOD FX65 Analog Stereo Chorus ca. 1988. W/Speed, Delay Time and Depth Controls. Uses MN3007 Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) Chip; A 2nd Output jack is available for Stereo Operation $34.99

Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber Power Amp! A versatile 22-watt guitar head that fits in the palm of your hand. 4-, 8- or 16-ohm speaker output! Vintage amp overdrive! Bright switch for bite and definition. $69.99

Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum guitar amp head w/44 watts of clean and natural power. Can also deliver true amp overdrive at the turn of a knob. Flip the brightness switch for a more defined top end. $109.99

EH Nano Analogizer. Warms digitally processed tones. Up to 26db gain; 3.5 mS to 65 mS of delay produces tonal variations and allows you to thicken up your sound. $79.99

Electro-Harmonix Nano Bass Balls Envelope Follower! Small, twin of the oiginal! Same controls, same sound, but now in a pocket size, die-cast housing! Twin-tuned filters sweep your sound, creating a unique vocal tone! Distortion switch adds throatiness! $59.99

Electro-Harmonix CHILLSWITCH Momentary Line Selector. Kill Mode provides instant muting and stutter effects via a momentary footswitch. Line Selector Mode provides a or momentary effects loop $34.99

The Electro-Harmonix Nano Clone Chorus Effect Pedal is a Small Clone in a compact, die-cast package that features depth and rate controls, with an LED function indicator. $39.99

Electro-Harmonix Nano Double Muff Classic dual overdrive. In single mode, the dynamic overdrive increases as you play louder. In Double Mode, one dynamic overdrive feeds another w/separate amount for each. W/ True bypass; Battery/AC adapter powered. $59.99

Electro-Harmonix Nano Dr. Q Envelope Follower Pedal is a Dr. Q in a compact, die-cast package that features a Range knob, with an LED status indicator. The effect responds to how hard you hit the string and where the guitar volume control is set. $39.99

Electro-Harmonix Headphone Amp features: Ultra lightweight and portable; Designed specifically for musical instruments; Handles high gain pedal board input; Super quiet; Battery included, Headphones are NOT INCLUDED! $39.99

Electro-Harmonix Nano Holy Grail. Divine reverb for mere mortals. With a faithful emulation of classic Spring reverb; A lush, spacious Hall reverb; and the haunting Flerb. True Bypass, diecast metal body and standard Boss style AC adaptor power! $79.99

Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder w/256 band resolution; Gender Bender control; XLR input w/3-stage gain; tone control integrates with the Gender Bender to refine the tone. Guitar, keyboard or any polyphonic input supplies the harmony $109.99

Electro-Harmonix Nano Pocket Metal Muff Distortion Pedal features switch selectable mid frequencies offer powerful scoops, separate knobs for volume and distortion level, and a red on/off LED indicator. Works with 9V battery or AC adaptor. $39.99

Electro-Harmonix Nano Muff Overdrive Effects Pedal revives the big sound of the 1969 classic Muff Fuzz effect in a compact, die-cast aluminum package. No complicated settings needed here: just the switch and a volume knob. $39.99

Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Analog Chorus! Using a high quality bucket brigade chip and the same classic Small Clone circuit, this true analog design has been massaged and tweaked for accuracy and superior sonic qualities. $39.99

Electro-Harmonix Neo Mistress flanger pedal w/Classic, lush, original Mistress based flanging; Filter Matrix Mode removes the Flanger Modulation allowing manual control of the flanger sweep; True bypass; Battery/AC powered $54.99

Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird Treble Booster! Based on the classic design from the '70s. Features True Bypass; Up to 20dB of gain in the 1.6KHz to 2.4KHz Band; Tough, compact die-cast chassis; Runs on included 9V battery or optional standard 9V adaptor. $19.99

Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone Phase Shifter delivers full-bodied, three dimensional phasing, a rapidly rotating speaker effect, or a jet plane whoosh! Features a rate control knob and a color switch which emphasizes the harmonics of the effect! $49.99

Electro-Harmonix Nano Soul Preacher Compressor. Three selectable attacks coupled with silky, long sustains blend in perfect harmony to create the finest compressor ever built for guitar and bass. The Soul Preacher is your tool for sonic salvation. $89.99

EH QTron Envelope Filter New! The phattest, funkiest envelope filter ever made! Switchable Boost and Filter Mix mode, increased frequency response and improved signal to noise ratio! $109.99

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy Analog delay w/Tap Tempo; Tap timing subdivisions; Expression pedal input; Triangle/Square wave mod w/rate and depth control; Analog bucket brigade design; Built in EFX loop. $119.99

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Reissue! Experience the warmth of analog! 550ms of vibrant echo, lush, spatial chorus and haunting vibrato are just a few of the treats in the Memory Man's sonic pallette! $199.99

Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer Ring Modulator! Adds moving harmonies to the note or chords being played. W/high order filters that reduce cross distortions and enhance the variations. Features true bypass, die-cast chassis. Power supply included $99.99
Electro-Harmonix Germanium OverDrive Pedal. Classic '60s Germanium transistor overdrive with GAIN control, BIAS control for attack and circuit VOLTS for that sweet spot found when a battery's voltage dips. $49.99

Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger Pedal! Absolutely eliminates hum from any audio source. Not a noise gate and not a suppressor. Dead silence in your signal chain courtesy of a little EH magic $69.99

EH XO Memory Boy! All analog delay with Feedback; Up to 550 ms delay time; Selectable Chorus or Vibrato modulations rates; Choose between triangle or square modulation waveforms; Expression pedal control of delay time or modulation rate; True Bypass $109.99

Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Pedal! Digital delay with analog tone. Comes in a small die-cast package and produces the FINEST digital echo available. Full 2 seconds maximum delay time! Blend, Feedback and Delay Time Knobs! $69.99

EH XO Stereo Clone Theory! The ultimate chorus pedal. Lush, warm and defined chorusing and vibrato. Simple but definitive performance controls. Use the stereo outputs and be enveloped in a spatial shimmer. $69.99

Ernie Ball 6180 Volume Pedal Jr. Mono. This volume pedal features jacks that have been moved to the front for quick and easy plug-in and there's an additional microswitch that evens the taper of the pot through the travel of the pedal. $44.99

Fulltone OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Drive) Features Great overdrive tones, Huge palette of available sounds, Switchable hi- and lo-pass filters $89.99

George Dennis GD 230 KING BEE True Bypass Distortion! Brand new circuitry producing a blues sounding distortion! Excellent next channel for your tube amp! From light crunch to Hendrix distortion. Controls: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level! $125.00

Ibanez TS808HW Tube Screamer. A limited-edition handwired Tube Screamer! Handwired on turret boards for premium sound and is limited to just 100 units per month (50 in the US). $229.99

Korg DTR-1000 Rackmount Digital Tuner, Used. Automatically detects the note name, displays in cents or strobe, 438-455Hz calibration range, 12-note equal tempered, and accurate to 1 cent. Front-panel input and mute; back-panel input, output, and mute. $69.99

Menatone Chawbox Octave/Fuzz pedal. Controls include Fuzz, Octave Blend and Volume. Small increments of the upper octave knob and fuzz knob produce quite a few tonal options. Neck and bridge pickups produce dramaticly different octave effects. $109.99

Pedal Pad MPS-9 Pedal Board boasts a modular design and Pedal Pad's signature power supply, our brand new Power Pad II, and our new Patch Pad. The two-tier stair step design allows for modular pads that adjust to fit longer pedals like Wah and Volume. $109.99

Moog MF-107 FreqBox effects the sound of the input signal modulating an internal oscillator w/continuously variable waveshape, and the capacity to modulate that Oscillator in a variety of ways! $229.99

Moog Music MF-108M Cluster Flux Moogerfooger Analog Chorus, Flange, and Vibrato w/six waveform LFO; CV and MIDI Controllable parameters; LFO can sync to MIDI clock; Delay Time, Mix and Feedback Controls; Even or Odd Harmonics Flanging and more. $359.99

Mooer Bass Sweeper dynamic envelope filter pedal. Features: Clean & Fuzz modes; Unique vocal-like quality; Frequency Range, Filter Resonance, Intensity (Sensitivity) Controls; True Bypass; Steel Chassis. Demo $69.99

Mooer Audio Blade Micro Metal Distortion Pedal. Captures Classic Metal tone. W/"Lo-Boost", "Boost-Off" and "Hi-Boost" modes; Total Volume, Tone and Distortion Volume Controls; True Bypass; All Steel Chassis $49.99

Mooer Blues Crab Overdrive Pedal: Captures the legendary Blues Drive sound; Gain; Tone and Output Level Controls; All-Steel Micro Chassis; True Bypass; Standard 9V DC Power Jack; LED Indicator $49.99

Mooer Flex Boost Pedal: Gain, Bass, Treble and Output Level Controls; Duplicates the signal path of a guitar amp channel allowing clean or overdriven settings with EQ; All-Steel Micro Chassis; True Bypass; Standard 9V DC Power Jack; LED Indicator $49.99

Mooer Audio Hustle Drive OverDrive Micro Pedal. High Peak mode: w/Bass boost distortion controlled by Drive knob; Low Peak mode: very nice for clean boosting; True Bypass; All Steel Chassis. $49.99

Mooer Triangle Buff Fuzz Pedal. Captures Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like Fuzz; W/Volume, Tone and Sustain Controls; All-Steel Micro Chassis; True Bypass; Standard 9V DC Power Jack; LED Indicator $69.99

Morley PBA-2 Dual Bass Wah w/2 selectable wah sounds: Traditional Wah and Funk Wah. Level control allows wah output adjustment in either wah mode. Morley's Electro-Optical circuitry allows wailing wah tone and noise free long lasting operation. $44.99
Morley PFA Pro Phasor Pedal w/Center (initial position of the effect); Phase Travel (depth/amplitude of the modulation); Harmonic Emphasis (Feedback) and Auto/Foot (LFO or manual foot modulation) $299.99

Original Vintage Morley PWO Power Wah made by Tel-Ray Electronics of Burbank, California. Brand new bulb for the opto-electronics circuitry. The original tone with all the meat. Accept nothing less! $79.99

ModTone MT-FF Funk Filter envelope follower/auto-wah pedal effect w/High pass, Mid Pass and Low Pass Filters, "F-Factor" (Resonance) and Drive (Sensitivity) Control Pots. True Bypass! $69.99

ModTone Space Flanger. Classic Flanging Like They Used To Make! Slow sweeps, fast warble...it's all here! Transparent tone and all true bypass circuitry keeps your tone pure. From subtle to extreme the Space Flanger does it all! $49.99

ModTone MTM-FL Mini Flanger Pedal. A world class effect that can be subtly transparent or cranked to tension soaked extremes. Sure to please and at an outrageous price! $29.99

ModTone MTM-RV Coliseum Reverb Pedal. From shower tile, authentic vintage spring, or to a vast canyon. True studio quality. Features Room, Spring and Hall Settings, Gain and Level Controls; True Bypass; Rugged Metal Housing. $79.99

ModTone MT-OD Dyno Drive split bypass boutique style overdrive pedal w/ classic warm overdrive housed in a compact sealed corrosion resistant metal chassis that's built to last. 3 knob configuration with the Tone, Drive and Level controls. $39.99

MXR CSP026 '74 Vintage Phase 90 Reissue. Hand-wired circuit board built with original spec select resistors, paired with handmatched FETs achieve the same smooth, warm modulation as the original. Warm analog tone. Deep, rich phasing. $79.99

MXR DISTORTION+ Guitar Pedal with Block Logo (1980s) can be set to produce low volume controllable distortion or increased to achieve a warm tube overdrive. Maxed out the MXR Distortion+ Pedal produces an extreme fuzz with long sustain. $99.99

MXR Model 143 Vintage Limiter Pedal. W/Sensitivity, Attack, Release and Output Level Controls. Dead Mint with Original Box. $159.99

MXR M193 GT-OD Overdrive Pedal creates smooth, warm, and classic overdrive without excess noise or tone coloring. Simple controls make crunchy rhythm tones with chord clarity to sparkly and harmonicrich lead tones with tons of sustain. $49.99

MXR Phase 45 Block Logo Used $79.99

Pearl CH-02 Chorus/Vibrato Pedal 1980s. Features: Mix/Balance (adjusts the balance between the vibrato sound and the original sound. By turning this to 100% effect, the pedal becomes a Vibrato Pedal); Tone; Depth and Speed Controls $39.99

Roland GS-6 features overdrives, distortions, noise suppressor, hum canceller, delay, chorus, reverb! 64 effects and pre amp programs can be stored in memory,and any can be instantly selected. Midi I/O! XLR and 1/4" Outs! $69.99

Shure SLX14-J3 Instrument Wireless System! Features Automatic Frequency Selection, Automatic Transmitter Setup, rack hardware, and detachable antennas! Patented Audio Reference Companding delivers crystal-clear sound! $139.99

TASCAM CD-GT2 Portable CD Guitar Trainer features integrated pitch and key control, instrument canceller with selectable canceling pan point and selectable frequency range, and seamless integration with CD-DA/CD R/CD-RW disc playback. $24.99

TC Electronics Dark Matter Distortion Pedal: Gain, Level, Bass and Treble controls - total control of your distortion sounds; True Bypass - zero loss of tone; Voicing switch - for an awesome shift in bass response. $99.99

Thomas Organ Company Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal w/TDK Inductor. Made in Sepulveda, California. $269.99

VHT AV-VD1 V-Drive Pedal w/11-position "Diode Configuration" Select switch; Texture (overdrive harmonic content); Depth control (low-end response); Tone (treble content); Voltage (for a tighter, punchier or softer, spongier attack). $59.99

Visual Sound GarageTone Series Chainsaw Distortion Pedal. With big low-end and just the right amount of mids and highs, the creamy Chainsaw Distortion box will inspire you. w/ Drive, Tone and Volume controls; On/Off Footswitch w/LED Indicator. $29.99

Visual Sound GTCHOP GarageTone Series Chopper Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal. W/slow-mo, swampy, tweed tremolo, stutter and a range of other pulsing sounds. W/Speed and Depth Controls; Footswitch and LED that blinks in time with the Tremelo Speed. $44.99

Visual Sound GarageTone Series Drivetrain Overdrive Pedal. An Updated Drivetrain II (originally designed by Bob Weil in cooperation with Joe Naylor). W/Drive, Treble, Bass and Volume Controls. $39.99

Visual Sound GTOIL GarageTone Series Oil Can Phaser Pedal: Classic-sounding analog phaser. With both Speed and Depth knobs, the Oil Can Phaser has a wide variety of warm analog tones from swooshing to pulsating. $39.99

ZVex Hand-Painted Ooh Wah II Guitar Effects Pedal. Part sequencer, part wah-wah, part tremolo. W/random/seek stomp switch; 4, 6, or 8 steps/channels for your wah; speed control; 8 wah settings for sequencer; 8 LEDs to indicate which wah setting & level, $259.99

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New, Used and Vintage Musical Instruments

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